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4 thoughts on “Workouts/Exercise Tips

  1. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says:

    Girl did you just like makeover your site in a day? Holy crap it looks amazing? Please tell me you paid for this. Because if you did it yourself you need to be doing graphic/web work. It looks phenomenal!!! I never knew a blogger site could look so good. OMG wow. I am soo impressed. Love the workout and recipe posts, will peruse those later on tonite but just wanted to give you majooorrrr props for the site! And loved our ACE convo today. I think im gonna do it…need to do it all online though, I cant commit to in person stuff but thx for all your info and i will def. LYK if I move forward with it 🙂

  2. mrs_chandler says:

    I have a suggestion/ question. I actually can’t work out as hard right now or do HIT unfortunately because I’m 6 months pregnant, BUT. I still keep up with exercise/ working out/ and reading/ planning what i’ll be doing to get back into my former shape. SO. I ran across your blog and i love the recipes you have and the fact that you post workouts. i was scrolling through one post and you were talking about waht to eat and such for each workout.. Could you possibly lay out a schedule of how you would do it? ex/

    6 AM workout
    7 AM Breakfast- Protein, Carb (etc.)
    9:30 AM Snack- Veg, Protein
    12 pm Lunch- Protein, Veg, Fruit, etc

    3:30 PM Workout of choice

    the list goes on. I just wasn’t sure how you would customize it or how your workouts every week goes, whether you lift weights and do cardio most days, cardio one day/ weights the other days or mix of cardio&weights.

    just curious!

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