6 days…

Well guys…this is it…6 days out…week of show. It all is starting to hit me. Everything is just falling into place and slowly coming together. Today was my last Session at Cathy Savage Studio. We did somewhat of a dress rehersal run through of what the actual show will be like. We all had our moment to shine. It has been such an incredible journey, one which I don’t think I could have done without the support of the Cathy Savage Fitness coaches and fellow teammates, and friends. I have met so many amazing women from all over who all have one common goal-to shine on that stage. It is a bond that is so unique and special I am so honored to have met these ladies and have them be part of my life going forward.

Am I still nervous? You bet I am…but now I am just getting excited. I have on this laser vision that I really have never had before. I want this, I want to shine, I want to go out there and have my moment to shine. I have worked SO damn hard and have been so overwhelmed with the support I have recieved from my family and friends. This experience has been a bit of a personal rollercoaster-but one thing I have always stayed true to which is myself. You HAVE to put yourself first and do what makes you happy. There is no going forward, without experiencing things in life that you want to experience. Always remember, it is YOUR life to live and you have to live it to the fullest. Sitting back and watching   your life through a window will get old. Fast. Get in the front seat, take the wheel and go. 

So Friday at Mohegan Sun I have a photo shoot (which I am really excited about as well because it is my first one!!) I got this AMAZING sports bra and I cannot even describe hoUw in love I am with it. You all will want this bra trust me. Its by a Brazilian company called UpVibe And I discovered it while searching for bright colored workout gear for my shoot! This specific bra is the “Spider Sports bra” It is bright, lime green (one of my favorites) and the back is the most amazing part of it

Back! How cool is that? ANd the best part is when it’s on, it doesn’t pinch or squeeze your back at all! It just lays down nice and flat and accentuates the back. I will be sure to post pictures from the shoot!
This is the suit I am wearing for my shoot as well. Averie and Jessica helped me decide, and I am so happy with the result. The picture is a bit blurry and I am sure some of you think it looks like lingerie but its acutally wonderful and not like that at all! The colors are bright and the fabric is thick and great quality. Bonus!
Last week I had a great veggie packed salad. Lots of veggies, lots of protein–my diet these days!
Kale, Broccoli and tilapia with Mrs Dash
Cooked quinoa for the week
Cooked lean ground beef
Lots of chicken for the week!
Lots of spinach, amongst other veggies
And lots of liquids to keep my mouth busy this week!
Treats for post show!!!
Ugh…the packing

Well, friends..this week is going to be HECTIC. Lots of errands, appointments, workouts, on top of work and organizing the packing to head out to Mohegan Sun on Friday! I will try to pop in once more before I head off!

Love you all and thank you ALL SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT! xoxox

Question of the day: What is the last event you attended that you were SO excited for?!

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