My Favorite Workout Gear!

Hey friends! I have been a little MIA recently and I apologize. Things have been a bit crazy for me (in a good way!) I start a new job Wednesday that I am thrilled about and will be sure to talk more about that in my next post! I am still personal training in the Boston area, but a change was necessary and I have never been more excited about this opportunity that lies ahead.

We all love fashion. We all love WORKOUT fashion-am I right? I don’t know about you but I love hearing reviews from clients, friends, co-workers and fitness enthusiasts about certain brands or pieces of clothing that they love to workout in. I know I am not the only one who reads reviews on certain sneakers or capris before purchasing. I absolutely love when I hear rave reviews about a new brand or  discover something new that I can’t get enough of!

I wanted to share some of my favorite necessities that I personally use when I workout (yoga, run, weight lift, spin, kettlebell etc) I hope you can walk about maybe being turned onto a new product OR feel free to share what YOU love to exercise in. I am the biggest advocate for feeling comfortable when working out. Yes, fashion is awesome, and of course I have some brand loyalty that you will clearly see–but what it comes down to is comfort. Feeling awesome in my own skin; powerful and strong and not self conscious in the least. There is nothing better than feeling amazing in what you are wearing to help you get moving!

Free to Be Bra (Lululemon)  IMG_7337  IMG_8573 lulubra2 lulubra

I love this bra because not only does it come in amazing colors and patterns, but it is super comfortable and doesn’t ‘pinch’ at all in my back or chest. I don’t need much coverage or support.  This is not the bra you want if you need a lot of support. I don’t need a whole lot of support, personally so it works for me! If you are larger chested, this is certainly not the sports bra for you!   The “Free To Be Bra” the straps are pretty thin, but they are cute!  The back of the bra is adorable and I love wearing it under my cool racerback tanks and matching the color of my bra to my skirt or shorts.

Under Armor compression tights unersarmour IMG_7816 IMG_9012 I absolutely LOVE these tights for working out! They are ultra soft and have that second skin feel that is light and smooth when running, doing yoga, spinning or weight lifting. They are versatile and breathable. They are also SUPER compression so really do a good job in holding everything in!  I think I have 3 long pairs of tights, 2 capris and 1 pair of silver tights as well. They also last LONG. I have had two pairs for about 4 years and they are going strong, no pilling yet

Nike Free Run


IMG_6570These Nikes have been my go-to for YEARS when it comes to weight lifting, plyo work, spinning (when I am not wearing spinning shoe) And general fitness. They are minimal support, so if you know you are someone who needs more supportive soles then these may not be for you! I do not RUN in these sneakers. I love my Brooks for that! But These are the sneakers I usually wear while training clients and strength training with weights and kettlebells.  If you are used to wearing more supportive sneakers and jump right into the Nike Frees, you may find that you will struggle for support at first. I would suggesting easing into the more minimalist shoe. Your feet and calves will respond and strengthen!

Lululemon Bang Buster Headband *reversible*


Since I got my haircut last summer and chopped off my mane, I have been searching for a new way to hold back my hair when I workout. I have tried numerous headbands and also can be seen wearing a baseball cap (as you saw in the pictures above) But these are by FAR my favorite headbands! I have a very narrow head so most headbands slip right off–not the ‘Bang Buster’ It stays in place through everything! Spin, sprints, weightlifting, kettlebell swings, yoga and they are also super cute to hold hair back even when not working out! Bad hair day or great accessory? Try the Bang Buster!

Loose Burn Out Tanks

I write this very loosely because I have a few different brands of favorite tanks when working out! I LOVE looser tanks, especially over a ‘free to be’ bra. I hate the feeling of tight tanks or shirts when exercising so I prefer the looser fit of burn out style tank tops.



This is one of my favorite tank tops that I wear to workout. I got this one in NYC over Thanksgiving. It is super comfy and as you can see me wearing it in a picture above, its loose and NOT form fitting so I can move around comfortably.

IMG_6394 IMG_3085 


Here are a few others. I actually find some good loose tanks at stores like Forever 21 and H&M. I also recently purchased TWO tanks from Lululemon called the “Yogi Racerback Tank” pictured below

LW1E05S_012473_3 (source)

I love these tanks for the reasons I have described. They are loose and not tight fitting at all. They just fall right over fun colored sports bras and make any activity a breeze! They are light fabric and racerback which I LOVE.  You can order them from the website as well where there are lots of color options! I am 5’2″ and wear a size  4. 

The Mat


When I first started getting really into yoga in the summer of 2013 and taking numerous classes paying $3 for a mat rental-I knew I needed to purchase one. I also wanted my own mat because I was LOVING yoga and wanted to commit to my own practice and not necessarily have to depend on renting a mat each time I go to a studio. I want the ability to travel with my own mat, my sanctuary, my space. I had done quite a bit of research and finally landed on THE MAT from Lululemon I had used the Jade yoga mat, which I found was way too thin and unsupportive. It was between a Manduka Mat and the one from Lulu. I was able to ‘rent’ a mat from my local Lululemon store (which most will let you do!) To try it out and LOVED it. I made my decision right then and there. The mat has excellent grip to it and can be used on either side. It does have a strong smell to it at first that reminded me of tennis balls, but after a few uses, it airs out. The grip and comfort of this mat is amazing! The ONE downside I will say is that it is not the lightest weight mat on the planet so if you know you have to walk super long distances, just test it out before hand!

LU9813S_0001_2 (source)

Run Swiftly Tech T


Okay, so I have a few of these T-shirts. I admit it. I am a hoarder of these guys. Given-I wear these every single day to work underneath my ‘uniform’ because they are so darn comfortable! I think I have worked out in these tees only a handful of times because I simply prefer tank tops BUT I have nothing but rave reviews for these tees! (clearly) These shirts are lightweight and extremely breathable, so you can go for a run or yoga and I promise you will not stink afterwards! I also LOVE the subtle patterns that most of the shirts have! Some have paisley, others have lines or polka dots; they are just so cute! They come in a bajillion colors so there will be something for you! If you prefer tighter-simply get a smaller size but you can wear these loose and they will still be flattering and fitted on your bod. I think you can trust me on these!!


So there you have it! Some of my favorite pieces of workout gear. I always try to be honest here and say what works for me and what I prefer because I know personally, that I take others peoples opinions on clothing pretty seriously 😉 Of course with all of this said, you have to find what works for you! SOme of the outfits and clothing choices I see, I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole but then again-it’s their body not mine!

And I want to leave you with a little something to sweat your butt off to! This workout looks easy but it’s a killer due to that last run at an incline of 10.0%! 



I hope you enjoyed the post and this workout! Please comment below with recommendations that YOU swear by! xoxo


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  1. Nicole says:

    Congrats on the new job. I love the UA compression tights! I also have a boat-load of the compression capris. Perfect for running, spin, yoga, weights, etc.

    • Jenn says:

      Looooove all your gear (and you!) – especially the UA compression tights. I have a pair of UA compression capris and I’m a huge fan.

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