A Week In Review (Recipe+workout included!)

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I had a great day today! And a great week, actually You know why?

Well first of all I took an awesome yoga class called “Om Athlete” at Equinox this morning at 9am which I HIGHLY recommend if you are in the area. The Om Athlete yoga class is a true blue Vinyasa style yoga class but it is inspired and driven toward athletes.  rigorous mind/body demands of real athletes. The class was perfect for a Sunday morning opener. We began with some traditional Vinyasa Sun salutations and some interesting dance type movement that made the whole beginning sequence flow beautifully.

You all know that I am doing yoga at least 1-2 times per week and love it as a wonderful compliment in my workout routine. Where I was before I incorporated yoga in my life–I have no idea but I am so glad that I found it!

When I take Yoga, I am not looking to take it for the ‘burn’ and ‘core work’ and ‘omg that was a crazy workout’ aspect of it. I am taking it more for the mental refocus and true flexibility training. I tend to gravitate toward instructors who have an energy that I jive with and I LOVED Rebeccas energy! It was so positive and optimistic and she said some quotes and stories that really stuck with me and caused me to be 100% focused on my mat. I recently started a new job and while I LOVE it, It is definitely a bit stressful juggling all of my time between in house education classes, clients, learning, programming and getting the jist of everything. I easily get overwhelmed and anxious so having a Yoga class I can go to and totally zone out is necessary. Taking time for myself, my body, my mental practice and having a yoga instructor who can teach in a way that is welcoming yet still beneficial for my mind, body and soul is rare to find. I will be back to this class 100%! 

Ok moving on. So after class, I went back to my apartment to grab some things and wait for my brother to pick me up for a family brunch. I walk outside to his car when he arrived and BOOM! 


I found $100! First I saw 1 $20 and then another and another and by the time I picked them all up-there was $100! This stuff NEVER happens to me. I know it has to be a good week right?!

Earlier this week, I was so honored to be featured in the Lululemon Prudential Center Location email notificationIMG_9735The day was super fun and the girls who work at Lulu absolutely ROCK! I was so thrilled they asked me and more importantly to wear some awesome new gear they just got in! The Spring Fling vest is AMAZING! It comes in green and black. We shot some pictures in Copley Square on a beautiful, brisk day.

You also know why this week rocked? Well I made some awesome new protein cookies/protein treats/snacks. Whatever you want to call them. They were awesome and turned out better than I thought! I tried a new kind of protein powder in the mix so maybe that was the difference? Who knows, but they were superb! Especially with some Nuts N’ More Almond butter

These took about 10 minutes to make and I had a few hot out of the oven! They were super delicious and the recipe is posted at the bottom!IMG_9674 The Ingredients

 IMG_9676 IMG_9677 IMG_9678


Coconut Cream Protein Cookies
Prep time

Cook time

Total time


These protein cookies are perfect for dessert of any time of day! They are sweet and chocolately and packed with protein, low in carbs and grain free! ENJOY!
Serves: 1

  • ⅓ C almond meal
  • ⅓C coconut flour
  • ⅓C eggwhites
  • 1 scoop Isopure cookies and cream protein powder
  • 1T unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 5 drop stevia
  • Enough water to make a paste (may not need much at all due to egg whites!)

  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Place tin foil on a cookie sheet and spray with EVOO.
  2. Mix all ingredients in a small bowl and form into 9 or 10 even sized balls. Press down with a fork to make ‘cookie’ shape.
  3. Bake for about 10 minutes (flipping halfway) or until warmed and doughy.
  4. ENJOY! Eat what you like and freeze the rest!


  • 55.7 calories
  • 2.1g fat
  • 3.8g carbohydrates
  • 2.1g fiber
  • 5.3g protein

 If you’re looking for more yummy protein cookies and recipes be sure to follow me on PINTEREST!  where I post all of my recipes! such as Pumpkin Spice Almond protein bites and chia hemp pudding to name a couple! 

This week was also great because I did this sprint workout which I had posted on Superbowl Sunday but seriously! Its a good one! So I am going to post it again.


I started with the incline at 1% and completed THREE sprints (one at 30 seconds, one at 40 seconds and one at 60 seconds) Obviously as the sprint time got longer my speed decreased for instance, Mine looked something like this:

  • Incline 1%: 30 sec sprint @ 10.5 speed
  • Incline 1%: 40 sec sprint @ 10.0 speed
  • Incline 1%: 60 sec sprint @ 9.5 speed

After this was completed at 1% incline, I raised the incline to 2% and did it all again! Finish at incline of 5%. If you can finish with those burpees. KILLER. HIIT sprints and spinning is what I am all about these days for cardio. Yes, cardioooo






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