Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bites–RECIPE!

Do you ever just want something to cure a sweet tooth but don’t want to necessarily have candy. (don’t get me wrong! I love some good candy and most recently these white chocolate covered birthday cake caramels from Sugarfina that ended up on my kitchen counter had NO chance!) BUT there are also those days that you want something sweet without being too processed. Something to have after lunch or dinner or while watching the bachelorette (no shame) 

I noticed I had a bag of unopened chia seeds in my kitchen cabinet. This ALWAYS happens to me. I buy something like chia seeds that I don’t seem to use everyday and have such good intentions of plowing right through the bag and throwing chia seeds here and there, making pudding etc and then I totally forget that I have them. WELL, me and chia seeds go through this all the time so I decided it was time to break the cycle. 

I KNEW I was going to use peanut butter because…ummmm peanut butter is amazing. And I always have a bag of Jay Robb Chocolate whey protein on hand (it’s my protein of choice lately! easy on my tummy and blends so well in shakes!) 

So we have:

  • Peanut butter
  • Jay Robb Chocolate protein
  • Chia seeds

annndddd…Oats to hold everything together

  • Peanut butter
  • Chocolate protein
  • Chia seeds
  • Oats 

I got measuring and mixing some ingredients in a small bowl. I didn’t make a HUGE batch because I never know how these items will turn out. I have to say I am so great at cooking things on the fly but when it comes to precise measurements and baking, we don’t always go hand in hand!

Prettiest picture everrrr…Okay not ever but look at that chunky peanut butter!!

I mixed all of the ingredients together with some water–just enough to make the batter into paste ~3TBSP ( I didnt measure exactly!)

Laid them out on wax paper. 10 little bite sized protein bites to be exact! and placed wax paper on top. In the freezer they went for an hour or so until they were fully hardened. 

Even Ozzie approved (from afar of course because he can’t have the chocolate! He did get some hefty samples of peanut butter though!) 

THESE WERE SO GOOD! And they literally took 5 minutes to make. Most likely you have most of the ingredients on hand; of course you can use another flavor protein powder and hemp seeds instead of chia seeds. This is a solid base of a protein bite recipe but feel free to add as many or as little ingredients as you like!!

These little treats are SURE to cure that sweet tooth/Peanut butter craving that I don’t know about you, but I have on the regular! They’re chewy from the oats and crunchy from the chia seeds, not to mention packed with fiber, good fats, carbs and protein! These are perfect pre, post workout, midday, evening…WHENEVER AND WHEREVER! no judgment 😉 

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